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Event International Staff

Frank Wilson, Managing Director
Event International Co Ltd
November 1999 – Present

Frank has over 25 years’ experience as a creator, curator and producer of outdoor events and festivals. In 1988 he founded the Stockton International Riverside Festival, one of the UK’s most important annual outdoor arts festivals, standing down as Artistic Director after the 25th edition in 2012 but continuing a close relationship with the event in the new role of Associate Artistic Director.

Beginning in 1992, when he worked as a programmer on the UK- government sponsored European Arts Festival, he has undertaken a number of high profile projects as curator and creative producer both in this country and abroad. Since the end of 1999 these have been delivered through his company, Event International.

For 10 years Frank has been the international programmer for the Chaoyang International Spring Carnival in Beijing. Other international projects have been undertaken by Frank and Event International in Europe, China, Dubai, Australia and North America, including programming, production and tour management. Frank was Padrino (official adviser) for performances in Public Spaces at EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza.

UK projects include Millennium Eve celebrations in Newcastle and Leeds; a multi-media performance for the 2005 Tall Ships Race that attracted an estimated audience of 150,000 people; a four week project by the Australian company Bambuco to construct a bamboo suspension bridge across the River Tyne; and a summer festival in London’s Trafalgar Square. In 2012 Frank was a co-producer for ‘Prometheus Awakes,’ presented in Greenwich and Stockton as part of the London 2012 Festival. Currently Frank is developing large-scale projects with Metro Boulot Dodo, Nutkhut and Alchemy Fireworks for presentation in 2013-2015.

He has played a active role in the development of partnership networks in the UK and Europe, including Without Walls, Eunetstar and Meridians; the last two with funding from the EU.

Contact Details

Tel. 0191 370 9322
Email: frank@eventi.co.uk

Vilte Balciunaite, PA & Event Support

Contact Details

Tel. 0191 370 9322
Email: office@eventi.co.uk

Ian Bone, Associated Producer

Ian Bone has in excess of 25 years experience of working on large scale projects throughout the county. He has been involved at management level on projects such as Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and running major venues at the Edinburgh Festival. In the recent past Ian has also worked on Newcastle’s New Year Celebrations (including the Millennium), The International Festival of the Rivers and the Sea, Stockton International Riverside Festival and the International Mapping the Streets Conference.

The vast majority of the projects which Ian has been involved in delivering have been in partnership with local authorities and city councils both in Scotland and England. This experience means that Ian is actually aware of the issues and challenges faced by these organisations and as a result is able to work in a manner that minimises potential problems.

Contact Details

Tel. 07787 106 252
Email: ian@eventi.co.uk