Stockton International Riverside Festival

Client: Stockton Borough Council
Position: Artistic Director (1988-2012), Associate Director (2012-Present)

Stockton International Riverside Festival is the UK’s largest and longest running street theatre festival. The festival was established as a result of a concept created by Frank Wilson and over a period of twenty five years has gained worldwide reputations.

SIRF is now widely regarded as an essential event to attend both by programmers and performers alike. Up until the festivals 25th anniversary in 2012 Frank had solely been responsible for the programming and it is his constant demand for the highest artistic standards that have assured the festivals its status.

Over four days, Stockton town centre becomes a platform for the local community, for young companies from all over the UK who are just building their reputations, and for world-class artists who have already achieved world-wide recognition.

Every year the public can anticipate four days of thrills, invention, low comedy and high artistry (not necessarily all in the same show). They will encounter performers who are eager to entertain, but also filled with a real desire to ask questions, to make connections and to touch the humanity in us all. ‘The street’ can be a bit of a bearpit, but it can also be a place where real magic is created!.