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Welcome to Event International

Event International is a company that specializes in the conceptualisation, creation and delivery of festivals and site specific work. Our starting point is that every project that we are involved with is absolutely unique.

Creativity in responding to a brief begins from the standpoint that the particular combination of location, audience and experience that will be achieved cannot be exactly replicated. Therefore, we have no actual or metaphorical ‘top shelf’ to pull down ideas from. This is equally true whether the event in question is for a public audience of up to 250,000 (the Eve of Parade of sail show “Cresting the Waves” for the visit of the Tall Ships Race to NewcastleGateshead in 2005) or a corporate audience of 500 executives from the offshore industry (for the christening event for the world’s largest oil and gas pipelaying vessel).

We aim to create distinctive and memorable experiences that respond to particular places, people and aspirations.